Fourth Offense DUI

If you or a loved one has been charged with a 4th DUI offense, you should immediately contact Orange County DUI attorney William Weinberg, Mr. Weinberg has years of experience defending those who are charged with drunk driving, including a 4th DUI offense. Being charged with a fourth drunk driving offense a serious matter that carries mandatory jail time and hefty fines, so contact Mr. Weinberg and have him defend you throughout the criminal process.

If you have three previous DUIs in the past ten (10) years and you're currently being charged with a fourth DUI, if convicted of a 4th DUI offense, you can be sent to California State Prison for a maximum of three (3) years. Also, the court can impose fines and court fees that exceed $15,000. Fourth offense DUI charges are felony charges, so you will be tried as a felon, an if convicted, you'll be convicted of a felony DUI and labeled as a felon. As such, it's important to hire an experienced Orange County DUI Lawyer to defend you and represent you throughout the legal process. In addition to being sent to prison and having to pay hefty fines, if convicted of a fourth drunk driving charge, the court will order you to complete a DUI education program that's thirty (30) months in length, and you will not be permitted to drive until you complete the program.

Also, unlike previous DUI convictions where the court may have allowed you to drive on a restricted driver's license, for a fourth DUI conviction, your driver's license will be revoked for the full four years, you will not be eligible for a restricted driver's license. Also, the DMV will designate you as a habitual offender, so if you're caught drunk driving again or driving on a suspended driver's license, the court will impose additional penalties and punishment. Being charged with a fourth DUI is a serious life-changing event, so please contact a DUI attorney to represent you and fight for you.

License Revocation for 4th DUI Offense

So, what does it mean for you to have your driver's license revoked? A driver's license revocation is different from a suspension in that while a driver's license is suspended, an individual still has a driver's license, but his driving privileges are temporarily suspended, however, with a driver's license revocation, a driver's license is completely canceled, meaning the individual no longer has a driver license. During a license revocation, an individual cannot apply for a driver's license only after the revocation period is up. Once the revocation period is up, an individual must apply for a brand new driver's license as if he never had one. Obtaining a new driver's license costs time and money to do, but if you want to drive again, you must go through the process from the beginning.

Alcohol Treatment For Fourth DUI

Most fourth time DUI offenders are ordered to complete some form of drug and/or alcohol treatment program. This is so because the court assumes that someone who has been convicted of a DUI for the fourth time must have some sort of addiction or problem with alcohol and/or drugs, which causes him or her to continue to drive while intoxicated. Many times we recommend that individuals enroll in a drug/alcohol treatment before the court orders them to do as a show of good faith that you're taking steps to clean up your life and that you should, therefore, be less harshly punished.

Can You Beat a Fourth DUI?

Nothing is impossible, and the prosecution will have to show that you were driving a vehicle, and you were under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs at the time you operated it. If there are holes in the prosecution's case, your attorney will bring them up and using them to your advantage. Depending on the facts of your case, your Orange County DUI Lawyer may have the charges against you dropped or negotiate a favorable plea deal for you. 

The first thing your DUI attorney will do is collect discovery from the prosecution and ask you to confirm what happened. If the police officers lacked probable cause to stop you, your attorney may use this to advantage, arguing that the evidence against you should be thrown out. Also, if there are any problems with your test results, your attorney will bring them up to negotiate the best plea deal possible for you.

Contact an Attorney

If you've been charged with a 4th DUI Offense, you should immediately contact Orange County DUI Attorney William Weinberg, Mr. Weinberg is experienced in defending those who have been accused of first offense, second offense, third offense, and fourth offense DUI charges. You can contact Mr. Weinberg by emailing him at or calling him at (949) 474-8008.

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Anyone who is arrested should contact an experienced Orange County DUI Criminal Defense Attorney to determine whether or not their Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures, were violated.

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